Unrelenting Force

by Guilt Trip

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released November 25, 2016

Recorded by: Stu and Sandy at Studio6
Mixed/Mastered by: Stu Mckay
S/O to Mog, PowerTrip Records, friends and family.



all rights reserved


Guilt Trip Manchester, UK

GUILT TRIP: Hardcore from Manchester Uk.

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Track Name: Unrelenting Force
I guess I got you all wrong
Locked me out with the stress
I felt the cold stuck trying to figure out how I got in this mess

The words felt so coarse
But a picture paints a thousand more
I'd rather slip through the cracks
Than feel the pain that you bore

You spent so much of your time filling my name with mud
The look on your face spoke more words than you ever could

You spoke more words than you ever should

The anger builds inside of me
This shroud of hatred makes it hard for me to see
It's too hard
It's too hard to breathe

I fell too far
I watched my world be destroyed
You lost sight of the truth so let your existence fade through your 'sanctified' void

I don't remember how low it felt
But I know I couldn't feel much more
I can't keep fearing the worst
But I was born into a world I never asked for

And I danced with the devil
But my sins ripped through me like knives
It's hard to breathe when my conscience craves a different life
Track Name: Disdain
Everyday you fade away just a little bit more
I can breathe like I couldn't before
Split my soul in two
But at the end of the day you need me more than I need you

Spent enough time wondering what went wrong
Seems like I thought about it for far too long
My glass never seemed half full
Whilst you carved your name into my skull

I'll never forget the nights I'd lie wide awake
Praying for the world to wish me away
Mark the blood in your veins with disdain
Just to make sure that you feel my pain

Frayed the seems beyond repair
You dragged me down into the depths of despair
I try to stand strong but I keep falling
You'll be the final nail in my coffin
Track Name: Separate Ft. Easy Money
They got nowhere to hide, nowhere to confide
They stole my skin but they can't wear it
I could never seem to understand
I won't forgive and I will never ever forget it

I won't forget it, that's on my name
No side to choose & pick, your actions chose it
See I don't care how you've been stealing my skin trynna walk in my shoes because I walk the walk I've made.
You seem to talk in words you've saved, it's a damn shame. Riding any wave, got no love for your own & always being fake. Always looking dazed. I want no part in it. Yet you've got my here trying to save face.

Sever the veins that connect me to same thing that drains me
Sever the lines that tie me down to remorse
Vengeance is mine and I'll take it by force X2
Track Name: Empty Handed
I saw time fly by through my tarnished eyes
How did I come up so much shorter
I felt it slip away from me
But time is lost on those who falter

I know I can't hide for much longer
But how do I explain my choices
Cos when it came down to me and you
I just bit off way more than I could chew

I can't just feign my own absence
Surrounded by serpents eyes
I sift through the mist
And I question where my faith lies

On my knees outside the gates
But it took me too long to too restore my faith
I was always doomed once I fell from grace

Mislay built on my reputation
I was always the black sheep
Is this what it came to?
There's just so much more shit that you never fuckin knew

Swallowed me whole
Sick of hearing the 'same old shit'
Between me and you I was stranded
I guess I come up empty handed
Track Name: Guilt Trip
It was always just a matter of time
I tried searching for the truth because I just couldn't lie
You think you got it all figured out
But I bet you cant stand the thought of looking me in the eye

I always knew it would come to this
Yeah you were always so full of shit
Forever setting your sights on what you wanted the most
But you don't even come close

All that's left is your fucking luck
Mess with the knife then wonder why you got cut
When it's all said and done
You can look for a helping hand but you won't find one

Yeah I said it
I fucking meant it
And when it all came down to this I knew I'd never regret it
You can't control this
It's out of your fucking hands

All my trust gone to waste
All my trust in a fucking snake
It's your time to suffer
Lights out motherfucker